KATYAYANI, visual created by Shulamith

Milarepa is also called JOY to Hear, because his Father exclaimed those words hearing about his birth. Milarepa wrote 1008 Songs of Realisation, lived on nettles in a cave so that his skin turned green and is listening, listening, depicted with a hand behind one ear. To remind himself of the fragility and impermanence of Life and to connect with the indestructible he carried a broken pot with him. 
Both Maria Magdalena - all singing and dancing - and Milarepa have been inspiring me to sing, dance and write songs. There is always room for improvement. My intention is to create a film singing my songs in the Hollow Oak Tree. Here are the lyrics to my latest songs:

Töpagaa is Tibetan for "JOY to HEAR".

Is my Song jarring the fabric of LIFE?

Is my Song creating Harmony?

Is my Song uplifting the continuum of LOVE?

Is my Song serving all Being´s Benefit?

Is my Song painting Beauty?

Is my song suffocating the Breath of LIFE?

Is my Song emanating delicious fragrance?

Is my Song nourishing Nectar Divine?

Chamundaye, Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Ma, Kali Ma   CHORUS

Don´t You think, we are highly ambitious; delving into densest negativity to love the unloveable?

Beauty and kindness are easy to love.

Can I open my heart wide enough to embrace, what can´t be forgiven?

Isn´t the purpose of creation, Source intending to experience Herself as 
all encompassing LOVE?

Don´t You reckon, as we discover truest LOVE in heaviest darkness, Mother Earth shines as Great Central Sun?

Let´s go for the Olympics in LOVE!!

Fill me with the Light, luminous Light of the Divine Will!   Chorus

Dolphins dancing, singing, playing, laughing.

Butterflies giggling with Fairies.

Joy, crystal clear delight, true LOVE and Beauty.

My Soul is growing wings; flying hOMe, hOMe, hOMe, free, free, free, free.

Maitreya Buddha truly perceives me.

Sky Lark, Rockin´ Robin, Eagles soaring on the thermals of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Katyayani, do You remember?  CHORUS

Only my bestest Friends who truly love me ever agreed to hurt me, 
when I chose to grow through pain and suffering in consciousness and LOVE.

Pain and suffering have reached their use by date. 
We are now growing in LOVE and consciousness with ease, Grace and Joy.

I ride my Dragon standing, looping in synchronicity with the Star Children.

We fly our Dragons standing, weaving patterns of Sacred Geometry.

Ride Your Dragon standing into the Black LIGHT!

Circling Mother Earth on our Dragons standing; Violet Flames cleanse and clear Humanity.

You All dancing on Your Dragons standing; LOVE and Truth sparkle Beauty.

Flying to Arcturus on our Dragons standing, we listen to Rose fragrance.

Playing on the Pleiades on our Dragons standing, Laughter, giggles and smiles.

Riding her Dragon standing; WHO - out of Compassion - is returning to Earth? Quan Yin

Trust Yourself and Your Unicorn!

Has Your Unicorn whispered to You her name?

Call Your Unicorn to be with You!

Be surprised as Your Unicorn enlightens You!

Can You feel the Heartbeat of Your Unicorn?

Ride hOMe on Your Unicorn!

Your highest Dream, entrust it to Your Unicorn!

Welcome hOMe on the Red Star Arcturus!   CHORUS

Horse shaped smiling faces fill my heart with JOY.

Our mission is Freedom, Truth, protection of LIFE and - inspired by beautiful earth - LOVE.

Demeter greets You in her cave, where out of trauma treasures are born.

Vishnu floods my dreams with highest visions.

Sa Ananda, also known as Jesus Christ Superstar, opens us to Universal Wisdom.

Rather than through pain and suffering we grow in consciousness through Mary Magdala´s Sacred Fire Ceremony.

Let´s take Baby Babaji and all Star children - all from truly happy Families - to play on the Pleiades.

Milky Way´s generous Protector SaAnat Kumara sings us into Balance; we shine our Divinity.

Satya Sai Baba is juggling golden Lingams.

Amma Meera is gathering Light, Divine LIGHT like Honey Bee.

Queen Bee Sri Siva Sakti Amma, Mother of ALL, is trumpeting Silence.

Milarepa is listening to the Light of the Divine Will.

The Universal Tree of LIFE and Guru Rinpoche are ONE.

Green Tara is giggling with the Fairies; sowing / seeding Compassion and LOVE.

Heaven on Earth, Peace on Planet Earth; we are at hOMe, we have arrived; HALLELUJAH !!!