Manifestation WAVE
The WAVE sequence is a universal pattern distilled by Gabrielle Roth as the dance of the 5 Rhythms.
1.     Ask for presence and support of Spirit, Angels, Nature. State my intention and ask, if it is in alignment with the highest best of all life. If YES, then I ask for support and co-creation to manifest my intention.
2.    David Spangler’s Manifestation question:”How am I different with my intention manifested?” Visualize, imagine, dream into, feel the manifestation as a reality with all senses.
3.     Releasing Fears: Feel the fear, say / think “I release the fear….” and breathe it out and ask for transformation into love + light + joy. Releasing is a self help technique developed by Isa and Yolanda Lindwall.
As the Universe does not understand NO, I aim to use positive words with a “no” in releasing; for example rather “not beautiful” than “ugly”.
4.   Intention >>>> in action: next steps? What am I going to DO to ground the manifestation?
5.     GRACE and GRATITUDE: acknowledge that all life is by grace and give thanks.
Open even the green packages, despite You expected a red one!
Heaven on Earth does not have an entrance fee, but lies certainly way beyond my comfort zone. I have to have the courage to step out of my comfort zone to come home to Heaven on Earth.
It takes the same effort to focus on a piece of cake as on Heaven on Earth.
Let´s  manifest Heaven on Earth!
The Findhorn CONTENTMENT Angel explains beautifully that the creative process is never finished. As long as I am alive, I will always have desires, visions, dreams, goals, projects and inspirations for further creations. If I notice any envy or jealousy I use them as inspirations for my own creations. Knowing this I can simply enjoy the continuous growth whilst feeling that I have arrived, and am at Home in Heaven on Earth.