Source creates LIFE with the purpose to experience LOVE in relationship, to reveal TRUTH by co-creating and enjoying beauty. Great Spirit is Source and LIFE. We Human Beings are co-creators. The vibration we emit is responsible for the manifestation of our life. Our thoughts, the images in our hearts and minds strongly enhanced by our emotions create powerfully.
Let’s choose thoughts of LOVE and TRUTH, beautiful images and joyful emotions. That’s how we co-create the conscious Garden of Paradise.
Disharmonies and imbalances demonstrate the vastness of LOVE. It is easy to love beauty and harmony, but stretches our capacity to love when forgiveness and compassion are the keys to embracing ALL in our heart.
Enthusiasm means “God within”; that is live your enthusiasm to experience your ONENESS with the Creator. 

Literally born with a Wakeup Bell in my hand, the BELL has become very important and meaningful to me.
Just before my birth my Grandfather had been on a business trip to Portugal. On his return he asked my Grandmother to unpack his suitcase with utmost care, because he had brought a little rattle for the Baby. My Grandmother very carefully emptied the suitcase, expecting a tiny silver rattle hidden in all the dirty laundry. To her big surprise a huge old cow bell emerged. The Nuns in the hospital I was delivered used my cow bell in the mornings to wake up the new Mothers.

In Babaji´s Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham at the foot of the Himalayas, which is Heaven on Earth to me, we ring bells loudly at the beginning of each Fire- and Singing Ceremony to call God .

During my Dharshan with Mother Meera Epiphany 2019 I perceived myself as the Inverted Tree of LIFE, rooted in the Stars with the Stars being tiny silver BELLS.

Unsurprisingly "AMMA, let me be Your Bayal (bracelet with bells at the ankle); so I sing Your Song with each step You take!" resonates deeply with me.

My Mother used to call me Lil´Snail. The Conch devoid of myself is the instrument to call Divinity present.

In Thich Nhat Hanh´s Buddhist tradition the Mindfulness Bell invites me to come hOMe to my true hOMe = the Present Moment; and the Bell is sounded to awaken all to FREEDOM.
During my visit with Mother Meera Epiphany 2018 I felt Her easing me into myself and saw a cube shaped hole on the surface of Mother Earth into which She fitted a cube me perfectly into my place. Contemplating my Mother Meera Cube Vision I realised how I had tried so hard to fit myself into the box of expectations and expectancies. The Healing principle of Homeopathy is the Law of Similars; that is Mother Meera heals me with a similar experience. In my place in my Mother Meera cube I feel welcome, at hOMe; I thrive and unfold my highest potential. 
One of my main homeopathic remedies has been sea salt, which even has a cube shaped molecular structure! In the Bible Loth´s wife turns back in horror and crystallises into a salt pillar. Christina von Dreien says that we are changing to a crystalline cell structure; from crystallised to crystalline. The Buddha I perceive as vast Being of softly cube shaped spacious LIGHT cells. The main Buddhist Mantra OM MANI PADME HUM can be translated as JEWEL IN A LOTUS FLOWER. The Lotus is the pure flower growing out of the mud it requires for nourishment. For me that is the compost, Mother Earth transmuting shit and rubbish into nourishment for the beautiful new. The jewel is symbolic for the indestructible, the eternal; for me LOVE. Crystal = CHRIST-ALL
Seeing myself trying to pull myself out of the swamp and mud by my own hair I am informed that my purpose is not to rise above the heaviness like the Lotus Flower, but to ignite the LIGHT in the darkness from within; I see each cell in the darkness lighting up within from the Heart. 

My creative energy follows my focus and attention. After 2000 years of the Christian world population worshipping the corpse of a man executed, is there any surprise we find ourselves at the brink of extinction? 
Let´s hone and commit to co-creating our highest VISION!

Great Spirit in my Dreams
So far three times a Divine Incarnation, an Avatar, has appeared in my dreams:
For the first time in 2006, when I was despondently asking where I could live on Earth, if not in Findhorn? I had newly moved there and was unable to find work. In my dream I was cross country skiing with my Friend, who worked for The MIRROR (Der Spiegel), on top of a mountain in the Black Forest; it was very icy and we both fell over the edge and fell 100m; her Father reprimanded me for bringing her in such a danger; we fell another 900m and landed alive, only with mild concussion; I heard God´s voice Sai Baba ask me "Do You now finally believe that I want You on Earth, if I create such Miracles for You?!" Briefly afterwards I was able to earn my living in Findhorn.

In 2018 I was wondering if I could stand the cold and if it wasn´t too high a risk for my health to go on pilgrimage to Tsum Valley at the Tibetan border in the Himalayas? Babaji was squatting next to my mountaineering Friend in my dream; reassuring me He would be next to me in the Himalayas.

On the Dalai Lama´s Birthday in 2019 AMMA, Dean of Hug Therapy, was lying right next to me in my dream and asked me to attend Her teachings at the weekends. In my dream we were lying on the huge lawn, where the Dalai Lama celebrates His Birthday in Ladakh; all the Ladakhi Tibetans celebrating, we were lying in an 8-shaped Infinity Symbol with AMMA and me in the centre. That reminded me of the Mandala we Clowns had formed lying on the floor in the ballroom of St. Catharina´s Palace during my Clown Trip with Patch Adams to Russia; and inspired me to become a Laughter Yoga teacher. Following AMMA´s advice I have been attending our Northern Lights Sangha and feel so welcome, appreciated and inspired. I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my Heart.

As LIFE is my mirror due to the Law of Attraction so Satya Sai Baba clearly reflected my untrue belief back to me. When I visited Him in 1992 together with Friends I had the impression the devotees in His ashram in Puttaparti would walk over each other and possibly kill each other that way in order to see Sai Baba. Unable to discern His Divine Presence from His followers I was so shocked that I changed my flight and returned on my own much earlier. First years laster during a 5 Rhythms workshop called " God, Sex and the Body", sitting across a lady with the Sai Baba symbol on her bag on a bus, in our conversation she mentioned that He would always mirror us. That made me realise, Sai Baba had reflected my belief, that I have to die in order to see God. The Friend I stayed with for the 5 Rhythms workshop worked for a magazine called THE MIRROR (Der SPIEGEL)! Moreover Blayde and I are both born in the Starsign of LIBRA, which is not only about Balance, Beauty and Harmony, but also about the partner as my MIRROR.