ALMUT: Who am I? We are all divine LOVE and Light, children of Great Spirit. My ENTHUSIASM (means God within) are deep heart connections, kids, Ladders to Heaven (as a psychopomp I guide Souls going into the Light to Heaven), singing in trees, co-creating and enjoying beauty with LIFE, compassion, freedom, peace, miracles, grace and the experience of Divine LOVE.
Where least expected I found my Soul Mate. After going on a pilgrimage in the Himalayas around the Annapurnas with the question in my heart, “how do I serve the world best?”, in spring 2009 a friend told me she’d started a pen-friendship with a man on death row in the States and gave me the Link. I was very naďve, had never seen any prison movies, never had a T.V., simply though “I like writing letters.” Luckily I do; thousands of letters and 14 visits later we are engaged in a profound amazingest relationship, married in our hearts since 4.4.2011. Outside total opposites, inside ONENESS, we feel our purpose is to embrace humanity and all LIFE in our hearts and co-create Heaven on Earth. 
My Sweetheart calls me the Fairy Whisperer.
Here he is:

Howdy out yonder Friends, Family, and Supporters we thank ya all for ya Love, Kindness, Warmth, and Support on Our journey of Spiritual Revelation, Revitalization and Complete Wellness of mind, body and Soul......And to all of you new folks who are just now findin the Tree Peace Artist we thank ya'll for takin the time from ya day to browse and read our Heartfelt words. And hopefully we can all begin to help ourselves, each other, the planet, and Mother Earth heal through Love, understanding, open-mindedness, and guidance from Great Spirit, the Source of Life. We wish ya'll great success in all ya endeavours on the paths ya have chosen. We pray ya way be guided by Source, and Illuminated by his Grace, Love, and never fadin Light.
Peace and Namaste to ya ALL.........
I reckon I should now introduce myself to those Wonderful ones of ya who don't know me.
(But in the sake of full transparency I must now say that I am a man in prison on Mississippi's death row (the green mile my Almut likes to call it). So ya'll know this site and every word in it is meant to achieve nothin but what we feel is our guided purpose from the Great Spirit.)
I do hope that with my words I can help at least one person realize that we are all worthy of love and grand purpose. I will be stoked with that achievement. I've never done this sorta thing before so please excuse my errors. I hope I don't offend any one.
My name is Blayde N. Grayson. Back in the spring of 2009 I received a letter that every convict and scam artist on the planet dreams of.... one from a doctor. And I was thinkin to myself.....$$$$$ cha-ching $$$$$! And then I read the first few lines and all my previous selfish joy went swirlin down the toilet.... Almut said “and I live in a spiritual community in Scotland". See not even my greed could overcome my hate and disgust for anything Spiritual. So I threw the letter away, I thought. That was that. So life went on and I continued to wallow in the mire of miserable existence I had created for myself and callin it life. I was a sad critter. Livin in prison just as I had in the free world, a life of gettin high, lies, and scammin good people outta their hard earned money and breakin their hearts. But for some strange reason I just couldn't get Almut outta my head, and I was becomin increasingly aware of my own rottin misery (didn't know why then). As the days went on I think my soul was cryin out and the Creator wasn't lettin the dope numb me anymore so I had no choice but to see the Animal I had become, the one Society said I was and that I consciously was doin my best to live up to. Then one day (in Aug.2009) as I was goin through and cleanin the paperwork in my cell I found Almut’s letter. So I absent-mindedly laid it to the side and on August 14, 2009 I finally had the good sense to answer it. Honestly I didn't know what I was expectin to come from it. Back then I was so numbed out I had no thought of Love nor did I even know what love was except a word wrote on cards to sell them and some word my step-dad seemed to use to justify beatin me unconscious.

Twin souls are vastly different from the other types (Soul mates and Companion souls) and may or may not have anything to do with loving relationships. Twin souls are each other´s OPPOSITE. Typically, the attraction between them is so great they come together quickly, then blow each other apart. Seldom do twin soul couples stay together for very long. The power between them is too strong. What you usually find is that one remains in spirit while the other manifests in the physical. They can more easily help each other that way without having to deal with any conflicts that could arise. You can have enemies who are twin souls - each committed to a different way to achieve the same goal for the largest number. You can have leaders who are twin souls - always with the sense that two together can accomplish more than one. Parent/child missions can occur (such as with Mother Mary and Jesus). The point here is that the full charge of directed soul power (two opposites in unity), will somehow change things. Twin souls can marry. Look for extremes if they do, and usually a deep and lasting love bond, as if the two were one. 
Think of it this way: Soul mates are like love mates; companion souls are like the best of buddies; twin souls merge together when something difficult or important needs to be accomplished.     

Heather Morris very accurately depicts Blayde and my most recent parallel life in THE TATTOOIST OF AUSCHWITZ. The character and values of the Tattooist are the very same as Blayde´s. The girl he loves is housed in block 29; Blayde is in Building 29; what an amazing synchronicity! The only difference to the true story is that I remember taking my life on the electric fence. I have been praying to be a supra conductor for divine LOVE. Pondering about this I realise my resistances create the heat for us to rise on the thermals of LOVE. Electricity sparks through into this present lifetime. Two electricians I did Ladders to Heaven for keep flickering the light to say Howdy. When exploding the bathroom light bulb in the morning didn´t wake me up to get my attention my laptop, when I simply had pressed the ON button, spat smoke, fumes of burnt electrics and sparks! One of the electricians was Blayde´s pal J.B.; Blayde had asked him to look after me on my travels. During one of our visits Blayde noticed a little security sticker on the back of my passport with "J.B." written on!
In Roman times my Twin Soul was a warrior. I remember him being killed during a war on his horse. Holding his lifeless body in my arms, his head resting on my chest I went crazy and took my life with his sword; very weird memory loosing it completely!
In Ancient Egypt my Twin Soul approached me, a noble lady. Because he was not my social standard I had him killed. That required now a lot of self-forgiveness.