We are all consciously one with God, communicate clearly with God, are at hOMe with God and experience divine LOVE. We are all consciously magnificent, metaphysical, multidimensional, omnipresent, eternal, free, happy, serene, peaceful, compassionate, humble, trusting, honest, creative, beautiful, intelligent, wise, kind, blessed, rich, grateful, pure LOVE, Truth, JOY, Light. We each remember God´s intention for creating us; we live with purpose and enthusiasm. In simplicity we serve the highest best of all Life. We know the divine will; we are free to choose accordingly; we are Harmony. In balance we unfold our highest potential. Together we co-create and enjoy Beauty as expression of LOVE and Truth. We live from the Unity-Consciousness-grit. We live our Buddha Nature in Christ Consciousness. We have the faith and belief to create miracles; we are the Miracle. Thanks to divine Grace we receive all the Creator wants to gift us with. Our life is a prayer of praise and gratitude, a celebration of the Divine. We are playing with delight, humour and laughter. We are all truly fulfilled and well nourished from divine nectar. The order of LOVE reigns. Our research is exploring more beautiful, deeper ways to express and live our LOVE. 
Mother Earth is lush, green and pristine. We are all thriving. All is very very well. We grow in consciousness with ease and Grace. We are all ONE. All of Life is Sacred.

“Grandpa, would you enjoy telling us stories from the past?”
“Only the ones with Granny in it.”
“You are Twin Flames! How could there possibly be stories without Granny in it??”
“Way back, we human beings were so disconnected from Great Spirit and our True Selves that we also lost touch with our Twin Flames. That was very painful. Therefore we used all sorts of drugs and addictions to fake true divine LOVE and oneness.”
“What about the story when you forgot about the move to Tibet; that’s so funny?”
“Tibet, yes; Granny already before 2012 had mentioned that we’d move to Tibet as soon as it was free, but I had forgotten. Imagine my surprise when Granny one day started packing!”
“Did all our trees and all Pan & Shekinah’s Rest move then?”
“No, that was still the time when we used airplanes to fly, huge heaps of metal. That way Granny also travelled to visit me in prison.”
“Prisms are rainbow makers. Did Granny visit you in a rainbow maker? And why would you take a heap of metal with you when you’d fly?”
“I was in a P-R-I-S-O-N, fenced in for punishment. We’d forgotten our Soul Songs. Therefore the justice system was all about punishment. We didn’t get our Soul Song sung to us if we dropped out of harmony. In fat, most all of humanity was out of harmony. Even the domestic animals were all fenced in. They didn’t have a sense of belonging, most people neither. It feels like another lifetime to me now; I spent more years than you are old caged in.”
“Why didn’t you simply fly out, Grandpa?”
“We could not fly, Grandson, only with the help of a huge machine made out of metal called airplane.”
“Could you dance, run and walk at least, if you couldn’t fly?”
“Oh, yes, we could, though hardly anyone would sing to the trees like you all do with Granny; and the trees certainly wouldn’t grow tree houses. Hardly anyone was telepathic either.”
“Would you sing all your communication then?”
“No, either speak or write.”
“On papyrus?”
“No, that was a much earlier age. We wrote on paper and computers.”
 “And what would you eat?”
“A lot of animals. Food was rarely grown with LOVE.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t eat my guinea pig! How could food without LOVE nourish you at all?”
“It didn’t. That’s why many people overate and developed diabetes and other diseases.”
“What is a disease? I only feel ease.”
“Disease means that one got so off balance that the physical body or mind wouldn’t function properly anymore. Granny actually used to be a medical doctor to heal.”
“That surprises me! I thought Granny’s purpose was singing in and for the trees?”
“Baby, humanity had used free will to separate themselves from Great Spirit and their divinity to such a degree we almost killed Mother Earth.”
“Mother Earth! How did you re-connect”
“Mainly through amazing grace from Great Spirit; but also through the divine dissatisfaction. People would realize that money didn’t satisfy their Soul’s longing.”
“Money, you mean, you used money like in our Dad’s old Monopoly game, really?”
“Yes, money was more valued than LOVE by most.”
“LOVE is who we are; how could anyone possibly value anything more than LOVE??? Grandpa, let me give you a big hug, I LOVE you soooo much!!!!!!
Did you at least play with the unicorns and dance with the fairies? ”
“No, my sweetheart, there were only very very few people, like shamans, who were able to perceive angels, fairies, unicorns, auras and spirits. Many people even identified themselves with their physical bodies! There was a lot of fear of going into the Light – called death then – because most people didn’t know Life is eternal; also a lack of compassion, no remembrance of parallel lives and clearly no unity consciousness which resulted in wars.”
“What’s this now, a fun game?”
“Out of fear and greed people would kill each other; the opposite of Peace.”
“Didn’t you feel one with each other and all Life? I surely don’t like remembering such parallel lives, but I do feel great compassion with these folk. Grandpa, let’s send lots of LOVE and blessings to all disconnected people so they may wake up and receive the grace of experiencing oneness and divine LOVE!”

We all Human Beings are living our DIVINE true Selves, in Christ Consciousness, our Buddha Nature and are truly HAPPY and at PEACE, living together with all LIFE in Harmony and BALANCE. We are all safe and FREE. We can all use telepathy, teleportation and fly free. We are all in pure BLISS, full of JOY, ENTHUSIASM, GRATITUDE, HUMOUR and DELIGHT, enjoying the highest Pleasures, co-creating BEAUTY and MIRACLES, enjoying our co-creations and celebrating LIFE ALL together. All the EARTH is green, lush and pristine; water and air are clean everywhere. We are all well nourished and supported on all levels by LIFE. We are all relaxed, at ease, well, healthy, serene and in BALANCE. We are ALL inspired and hugely creative and enjoying each moment of our LIFE. We each sing our unique melody in harmony with creation’s symphony. We ALL experience Divine LOVE consciously.
Blayde and I are happily married in a sacred relationship = intimate communion, God and Goddess. We have a harmonious and happy FAMILY with Penelope Plum Lily, Lavender Fir Sheridan, Birch Ariadne Freya, Callum Rowan Derwain, Isis Mirabelle Helika and JAY Oak Felix and many more children always around. We have Yaks Dogs, black faced sheep and Horses – Braveheart Liberty and her son Gelio (Gelio means LAUGHTER in Ancient Greek, because he was born on Patch Adams´ birthday) and others- on extended meadows along the lake, Bees, Hummingbirds, Crows, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Eagles, Unicorns, Dragons and many other animals are constantly with us. Our Sacred Space of LOVE is called “Pan’s and Shekinah’s REST”, a big piece of land with woods and meadows and gardens extending to the lake site. Our Family hOMe is our comfortable, beautiful, warm, sunny and cosy Nature Sanctuary – river stones and cedar wood log cabin house, on the edge of the woods in Tibet between Mount Kailash and Lake Rakshastal, with a magnificent view across the HIMALAYAS. We have an enchanted Apple orchard with Mirabelles, Cherries and Peaches and Mangoes and Pears and Figs and Olives and many more. We have got a Hot Tub and a Sauna, our own spring sparkling into our beautiful colourful Fairy Fountain; we have a gazebo on an island in our pond; a light and spacious Atelier; Blayde has got his Tattoo and Wood Shop and I a pottery in our HOME. We also have a beautiful romantic Tree House high up with the Eagle’s Eerie. Blayde and I are playing Duo Trapeze and Silks and all AERIALS together in big trees, mostly Himalayan Corral Beans. We are sailing our catamaran across the lake, joined by the swans. Blayde designs, draws, makes tattoos, body paints, builds, creates wood art, writes songs and poems….; and I sing, compose, write songs, dance, paint, play with clay, play viola and violin and am a clown. Together we ski, ride horseback, play with the Dolphins, create most beautiful art, dance, FLY FREE and have a lot of FUN. Painting each other in brilliantly beautiful colours we then roll around on huge canvas on the lawn creating splendid wallpaper; Braveheart Liberty and Gelio love rolling painting; the Babies and Guinea Pigs giggle with delight; Dragons with smoke signs and Unicorns with sparkles uplift all.
 Blayde and I are sitting on our porch swing; all the children come running into our open loving arms.
We enjoy our beautiful Secret Magenta Garden with lots of wild Roses, Lavender, Peonies, Tulips, Azaleas and Rhododendrons….I love dancing and singing in our Magenta Garden with a giggling baby on my hip. We have a huge collection of the most beautiful ROSES with LAVENDER all in between, and Blayde’s and my hidden nest of magic soft grass with Fairies dancing all around us, the most awesome flower fragrance in the air. Blayde and I are in RAPTURE creating STARS together in all different Fairy Whisperer Sutra poses. We have got a Sacred Dhuni fire place for Fire Ceremonies, B.B.Qs and BONFIRES in our garden. We enjoy relaxing in our Hot Tub and LOVE Shack with the swinging bench and in our Hammock between Trees at the lake site. All our house and gardens are most beautifully decorated with Blayde’s amazing wood art works and my pottery, surprises everywhere.
Our Soul Family and best Friends are our neighbours, and we live in a fantastic, harmonious, thriving community.  Together we Celebrate LIFE and Enjoy all the Fantastic Miracles and Awesome Beauty. Our Clover Horse Race around Mt. Kailash, Lake Rakshastal, Gurla Mandhata and Lake Manasarovar celebrates the Creator. Heaven is horizontal: we all decorate Mother Earth lying as an infinity symbol.
We are riding our Dragons standing circling Mother Earth; the Dragon´s Fire transmutes all imbalances into LOVE and TRUTH.
2022 we moved to Tibet.
2032 we are part of the PEACE on Earth Celebration Ritual: all humanity in Cellular Regeneration according to the order of LOVE around the Equator, Unicorns blessing us all and all the FAIRIES dancing and the ANGELS singing.
An ordinary day in our extraordinary Life: Our Sacred Family are awakening snuggled in each other´s loving arms, listening to each other´s hearts, looking into each other´s eyes, basking in divine LOVE. We take a cleansing bath in the Sacred River, playing with the pink dolphins. With dance, song, music, meditation we praise and celebrate Mother Divine; She fulfills us on all levels with divine Nectar. Together we co-create and enjoy Beauty, painting, playing with clay, wood art, infinite possibilities. For dinner we climb into the Mirabelle Tree and savour the sweetness of Life. We ride to visit Friends and sing each other´s Soul songs, with lots of laughter and giggles  . After another cleansing bath, around a bonfire we celebrate Mother Divine and roast a yummy BBQ, bake Elderflower Pancakes dripping with honey from the wild HoneyBees. Our Hearts overflow from GRATITUDE.
We are one with God and ALL of LIFE.